Message from Principal

"It is here where students feel the joy of learning. With a curriculum tuned to the demands of the present, we guide our students to be the best minds of tomorrow. We make learning a habit which soon shall be the culture of tomorrow"

S.BALASUBRAMANIAM, M.Sc., B.Ed., (Physics)
Principal, SRV Girls Hr.Sec.School

A reputed, renowned and experienced teacher of physics for more than 3 decades.
He stays with the SRV Schools for more than 12 years as Head Master of the Co-Edn SRV, SRV Boys and SRV GHSS. He is a good friend of students, teachers and parents. He stays in the quarters of SRV Girl School campus, round the clock care is available to students.
He has wide teaching experience in the CBSE stream & Entrance Coaching classes. He is HM of thousands of SRV Made Doctors and Engineers.


From Director's Desk

"With years of experience as teachers ourselves, we ensure every child gets the best opportunity to learn. With the best faculty and infrastructure, we help our students evolve as the best. We are happy to grow with our students."

Managing Trustee, SRV Girls Hr. Sec. School
President, SRV Excel Mat. Hr. Sec. School

The founder Trustee and Founder President of SRV Co-Edn School, Rasipuram for the first seven years.
An industrialist and an agriculturist popular among all sections of the society.
The infrastructure of the schools is his Architecture. A co-ordinator of his "Co-workers".
He is presently the Managing Trustee of SRV Girls HSS and the President of SRV Excel MHSS.

President, SRV Girls Hr. Sec. School
Secretary & Correspondent, SRV Excel Mat. Hr. Sec. School.

The Founder Secretary and Correspondent of the SRV Co-Edn School, Rasipuram.
He was the secretary of the school for the first seven years.
As a senior pediatrician of more than 3 decades, he understands children (Students) well and the parents and teachers even better.
He is presently the president of SRV Girls HSS and the Secretary and Correspondent of SRV Excel MHSS.

P.VAJRAVELU, M.A., M.Ed., (Zoology)
Secretary & Correspondent, SRV Girls Hr. Sec. School
Treasurer, SRV Excel Mat.Hr. Sec.School.

The one of main founders of SRV Co-Edn Schools, Rasipuram in 1996.
A reputed and renowned teacher of Biology for more than 40 years.
Served as a popular Headmaster in the Govt Higher Sec. Schools.
Being a Key person of the SRV Entrance Coaching Centre of Rasipuram since 1985, he is the Biology Teacher of thousands of SRV Made Doctors of our state.
He is the best administrator of school, the efficient guide of teachers, and the excellent motivator of students.
Having more than 40 years of experience in teaching makes him to teach even the second generation of students.

R.MANOHARAN, M.Sc., M.Ed., (Maths)
Treasurer, SRV Girls Hr.Sec.School
Managing Trustee, SRV Excel Mat. Hr. Sec. School

A founder Director of SRV Co-Edn Schools, Rasipuram.
A reputed and renowned teacher of maths for more than 3 decades.
Served as a popular teacher of Maths in various Govt HSS of this Region.
Being a significant part of the SRV Entrance coaching Team Rasipuram he is the maths Teacher of thousands of Engineering graduates of the state and abroad.
He is presently the Treasurer of SRV Girls HSS and Managing Trustee of SRV Excel MHSS.

K.N.SUBRAMANIAN, M.Com., M.Phil., M.Ed.
Trust Treasurer, SRV Girls Hr.Sec.School & SRV Excel Mat. Hr. Sec. School

A founder Director of SRV Co-Edn school, Rasipuram.
A famous teacher of more than 3 decades. who has served in various HSS of the state known for his humane approach towards various section of students, He is not only a good teacher but also a master of dietetics by experience, taking care of the Boarding Houses of students.
He is presently Treasurer of the Trust of SRV GHSS and SRV Excel MHSS